PET and the IEEE-488 interface Re: [OT]: CDC machines featured in "Die Hard"?

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Thu Mar 31 16:15:26 CST 2005

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>> I'm sure I asked that same question the last time it was on TV - and if
>> not, I meant to! :-)
>Heh. I've just spent the last hour looking for photos of some CDC machines to
>compare against. Nothing :-/
>Going by the timeframe, I'd guess it was one of the later CDC Cyber machines,
>but the £1,000,000 question is which one...
>Aaanyway, I've just bought a copy of "PET and the IEEE-488 interface" for a
>little under £8 (due to arrive in a few days - mwahaha), 

 Here's one for $9.67
n=PET++IEEE-488&sortby=2>. I don't know what that is in pounds but it is
located in the UK, if it had been in the US I would have bought it already.


not to mention the
>big box of surplus electronic bits that cost me £55...
>Speaking of which.. has anyone got some spare 10-32 bolts and locking

   What kind, spiral, internal teeth, external teeth or ?  I have tons of
that stuff. Good aerospace quality parts that I get from taking military
surplus equipment apart.


 I need at least ten of each. They seem to be like gold dust in the
>UK - all the suppliers I've tried only carry the metric M-series and imperial
>-BA series. Failing that, the contact details for someone in the UK that
>stocks 10-32 hardware would be most appreciated :)
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