AUI crossover?

Pete Turnbull pete at
Tue Nov 1 15:31:08 CST 2005

On Nov 1 2005, 14:03, John Allain wrote:
> > You said you have lots of transceivers.  So why do you want
> Modern 10bT only system to a length of 10b2 coax, and back.
> Just 2 10bT/10b2's would do, but as I said everything I have is
> AUI.  I also have a 10bFL to AUI setup here too.

Ah, I wondered if it might be something like that.  I've tried it with
three or four different AUI transceivers, and never found a pair that
worked back-to-back.  The problem, as others have noted, is the
collision pair.

The cheapest easiest way to do what you want (convert 10baseT to
10base2 or similar) is to buy a small secondhand 10baseT hub that has a
suitable AUI (sometimes (mis)labelled "10base5") or 10base2 port, often
described as an "uplink".   Have a look on eBay.

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