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Well, its been done in reverse, such as with the Ethernec module, it 
adds a few mulitplexed lines with some simple TTL's and gives an Atari 
ST through its cartridge slot an ISA 8bit slot, then you plug an NE2000 
compat. ethernet card into it, load up the STing drivers in MINT and 
you're networking with an ST.

I don't know if it honestly would be worth the time to try and build 
something in reverse so such a narrow purpose.   Have you tried to just 
read the rom's on the cart, then do a copy rom1.bin /b + rom2.bin /b + 
rom3.bin /b + rom4.bin /bin = stcart.bin /b

There aren't many ST carts as it is, so this would probably be the 
better route to go.   It's what we've been doing for years with Atari 
2600, 5200, 7800, 800/XL/XE carts....


Ram Meenakshisundaram wrote:

>Quick question, is there any way to use an atari ST cartridge (which in
>this case is a hardware box that connects via the cartrige slot) in a
>PC?  I know there are several people who dump ROM cartridges so that it
>can be used in an emulator, but I want to actually CONNECT the cartridge
>into the PC and use the hardware via an emulator.  Is this possible?
>Any "bridges" available out there?  

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