Discharging a VT100 CRT

lee davison leeedavison at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Nov 2 22:11:47 CST 2005

> Can anyone reassure me that this is a semi-safe procedure?

It's safe, much safer than not doing it.

> Has anyone done this sort of thing before?

Lots of times. I connect the croc clip directly to the aquadag
connection, usually an uninsulated wire or spring stretched
across the back of the tube, this is the other end of the
capacitor formed by the tube.

You may not hear any discharge, there may be none, but poke the
end of the screwdriver into the hole that the HT cap clips into
and keep it there until you lift the cap and visually confirm
that it has connected.

I did a load of scrap monitors like this recently and the only
ones that had any residual charge were the ones that I'd powered
that day to see if they were worth saving.



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