Good source for write-protect/enable tabs

Dwight K. Elvey dwight at
Wed Nov 2 10:00:32 CST 2005

>From: "der Mouse" <mouse at>
>> Does anyone have any suggestions on where more [write protect/enable
>> stickers] can be obtained?  Note that these have to be the removable
>> opaque BLACK tabs.
>Surely it's easy enough to take small white sticky-tabs such as can be
>found at pretty much any office-supply store (at least around here) and
>liberally blacken them with a black felt-tip pen?

Hi der Mouse
 You might be surprised, even that may not be enough.
I've done that once and it wasn't enough. You need
to remember that many drive use infrared LED's that
shine right through things we would think were opaque.
 I find what works best is simply use a small piece of
aluminum foil and a slightly larger piece a clear tape.
 One could even make up a batch of them and put then
in a handy place.

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