That darn Intel jingle...

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Thu Nov 3 07:25:04 CST 2005

'Woot' Phil =)
AMD is good. Intel (at least lately) sucks. Only 
crappy downside: because instructions, cache, etc 
are not exactly the same, I cannot use AMD stuff 
on my classic PS/2 computers, etc =/
I remember some of those pre-pentium, flip-switch 
machines. Had 2 at my college that they got rid of before I left in '97-'98.
...Wanting to smash the TV comes from wanting to 
find the f***ing V-Chip (AKA V-SHIT) and yank it 
out. Damned thing sometimes censors shows that I 
never put settings on (never set it to block out 
anything with any ratings and yet it sometimes 
blocks shows NC-17, R, etc). Goddamned quality 
for you. Now, to fix the tv since it only 
displays a horizontal line now (started doing it 
a few weeks ago). Sigh, if it wasn't for the 
sharper picture, I would have stayed with my 
older tv. At least that bastard worked for 15 
years before I got any issues with it.

At 04:56 AM 11/3/2005, you wrote:

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>           Jules Richardson <julesrichardsonuk at> wrote:
> > OK, so there goes that irritating Intel jingle on yet another commercial
> > for a product featuring one of their chips - thus ensuring that I'll
> > make darn sure I shop around for alternatives before ever considering
> > one of their chips.
>Heh. I haven't actually bought an Intel chip since the days when the Pentium
>P-100 was top of the range. "MMX? Back in my day we didn't have none of your
>MMX crap. We didn't have keyboards either! Had to enter all the instructions
>in binary! On pushbutton switches! Why, if you lifted your finger before you
>hit the STORE button, you'd have to start over!" (yeah, sure, Grampa...)
>I've been using AMD chips in my machines for a good few years - my firewall
>box has a K6-II/450 running at 400MHz (damn motherboard), my testbench box
>(the one I use for testing rootkits and doing damage assessments) has a
>K6-II/500 running at 500MHz. My main machine has a 3GHz Athlon64.
>Biased? Who, me?
> > It did make me think though; has computing history been littered with
> > ads containing trademark features which are so annoying (in an audio or
> > visual sense), or is this a recent thing? (For some reason the
> > 'Playstation noise' isn't nearly as grating...)
>There are others.. Those damn "eSure" adverts make me want to pick up the TV
>and smash it into little bits...
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