Anyone have IBM Diagnostics diskette?

John Boffemmyer IV john_boffemmyer_iv at
Fri Nov 4 22:21:25 CST 2005

weren't these specific to the hardware that the diskette would come 
with? for instance, an IBM PS/2 9595A, 5155, etc?
-John Boffemmyer IV

At 11:03 PM 11/4/2005, you wrote:

>I won this disk in an auction:
>"IBM Personal Computer Hardware Reference Library | Diagnostics | v2.02"
>...only to find that it had been reformatted and filled with 
>someone's Turbo C homework assignments (argh!).  Does anyone have 
>this diskette image available for download?  I'd like to restore it 
>to the original diskette to make it whole again.
>Jim Leonard (trixter at          
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