HP 1000/2000 cache on ePay

Bob Shannon bshannon at tiac.net
Sat Nov 5 08:49:58 CST 2005

I purchesed the HP 1000 F-series computer and floatingpoint processor from 

The equipment arrived on 10/31, very well packaged in a single large box. 
Sheet foam insulation had been
carefully cut to size, enclosing the processor boxes and accessories.  The 
condition of the equipment was
very good, no shipping dammage what so ever.

The front panel was in perfect shape, no broken keys, etc.

The machine was very complete, and the seller included the power controller 
cable that runs between the
CPU and FPU, as well as the ribbon cable for the micro-programmed peripheral 

After some careful investigation and documentation of the machines 
configuration, I discovered that the
memory system had been messed up (the seller had described this).  After 
some initial checkout, I fired
up the CPU and verifed that it (correctly) failed the power-on self test 
diagnostics due to the misconfigured
memory system.

I added two high-speed memory array boards from a 2113 E-series, reset some 
jumpers and the machine
passed power-on self test, the DMS, SIS, FFP, and hardware floating point 
mircocode diagnostics.

I currently have 256K of fault control memory installed, but I'll probably 
upgrade this soon.

I did have to asjust the locking bar on the front panel, and there is a 
little cosmetic work to do, and of course
I'll have to set up the machines I/O configuration to my liking.  I'll be 
upgrading one of my 2113 rack mounted
systems with the F-series machine after I complete the cosmetic work and 
evaulate a fan or two that seems
to be a little louder than it should be.

Overall I'm delighted with the machine, and I think I paid a very reasonable 
price.  Yet another smooth deal
from eBay, and at long last I have the F-series machine I've been looking 
for for over 15 years.

I highly reccomend buying vintage gear from Finlay McMartin, who sells under 
the name "gold-snipper".
He understands what he's selling, and does a great job. 

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