M9312 boot/console PROM archive

M Thompson m_thompson at ids.net
Sun Nov 6 06:28:03 CST 2005

The crew at RCS/RI has a bunch of 11/34s with DDCMP boot roms.

At 03:33 AM 11/4/2005, you wrote:
>I've posted a web page <http://www.AK6DN.com/PDP-11/M9312/>  that 
>has M9312 PROM images in Intel HEX format as well as commented 
>source and assembly listings of all the well-known devices, both 
>boot and console.
>Two 'new' images are also included, a revised version of the 'DD' 
>TU58 boot device that allows for a non-standard CSR assignment (the 
>original DEC PROM is very broken in this regard) and a new 'ZZ' 
>device boot PROM that runs the M9312 CPU and memory diagnostics 
>continuously (useful for basic CPU/MEMORY check with no other peripherals).
>A pointer to the tool set is also provided.
>I'm still looking for *any* form of image for the TMSCP boot 
>23-E39A9; if anyone has one of these and can forward the bits (or a 
>real device; I will return it!) I can process it, and we'll have a 
>virtually complete set of all the major devices.
>Don North
>ak6dn _at_ mindspring _dot_ com
>Jay West wrote:
>>I found one of the rom images I put up was a bad prom. Another one 
>>read consistently but didn't match two other sources. The images 
>>have been replaced. Affected images : 752A9, 248F1, 616F1. I 
>>replaced them after getting multiple other images and comparing, so 
>>I'm confident the ones up now are all correct.
>>I'd like to post source listings for the boot programs. Anyone got 
>>a program to re-arrange the bits correctly, then disassemble?

Michael Thompson
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