XT Case with Modern Motherboard

Adrian Graham witchy at binarydinosaurs.co.uk
Mon Nov 7 15:47:34 CST 2005

On 7/11/05 20:45, "a.carlini at ntlworld.com" <arcarlini at iee.org> wrote:

> Without checking in detail, I think you'll have to virtually
> destroy the XT case to make the mobo and PSU fit.

One check in detail later with an XT and an ATX motherboard it's looking
like you're right - PSU is in the wrong place......but what about the
mini-ITX? People have been shoehorning those boards into the Commodore SX64,
Vic-20 and other classics....

Www.mini-itx.com - check the PC in a Sega MegaCD case :)


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