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>Sort of makes me wonder if the suppliers of newly-produced 8" diskettes are
>as bad - but for ~$10 per disk, they'd better be!

  FWIW I just sold a big box of 8" floppy disks for the DEC MINC computer.
They were all dated in the late '70s and up to about 1980. I was concerned
weather or not they were still readable but I got this from the buyer
yesterday. If I can still read 8" disks after 25 years why the %(*&&^*&^%
can't they make 3.5" disks that are still readable after 2 weeks?!

"So far, I haven't found a single disk that isn't readable.
Interestingly enough, though, when I first booted a copy of the MINC
demo and tried to run programs, I kept getting "TRAP TO 10", an illegal
instruction trap.  Hm.  As was often done, my MINC was "upgraded" with
an 11/23 CPU (M8186).  Reviewing the documentation, I saw several places
where instructions had changed between the 11/03 (M7270) and 11/23.  I
rooted about my shop and, lo! I had an 11/03 CPU.  I replaced the board,
and everything worked fine.  

Well, almost everything.  I tried running a couple of the graphics
programs, and no joy.  Digging further, I discovered that the MINC BASIC
graphics routines are expecting a VT105 terminal (I'm using a VT420).
Hm.  There's a VT125 on eBay....  :-)  (I might just rewrite something
like Kermit to grok the VT105 escape codes, too.)  

Thanks so much for putting these up on eBay!  I'd been trying to find
them for a long time without so much as a glimmer of recognition.
Cheers -- Ian "


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>> Chuck Guzis wrote:
>> > I've noticed that what passes for 3.5" blank media nowadays is downright
>> > awful.  I've got a "work diskette" that's a Verbatim Datalife with a
>> > code of sometime in 1997.  Like the Energizer bunny, it just keeps going
>> > and going.   Newly-purchased media seems to last about 3 months of use,
>> > tops.
>> >
>> > Are there any sources for good reliable NEW media?
>>    Look in the Yellow Pages for used office supply or office liquidation
>> dealers.
>>    There's an office supply surplus here in Austin that I cruise at
>> least monthly for NOS floppy media.  I've bought various formats 5.25"
>> disks there in the shrinkwrap for $0.25 to $1.00 a box, IBM-branded 2MB
>> (1.44MB) floppies for $3.00/100, and recently about 6 10-disk boxes of
>> DSDD 3.5" for $0.50 each.
>> Doc
>I think the best grade of disks went to professional duplicators. Since
>floppies are pretty much obsolete these kind of places tend to sell their
>stock for pennies to get them out of the way. I found one such duplicator
>ditching 360K floppies on ebay for very little a few years ago (something
>like $12 for 500 green 360K disks still in the shrink-wrap). Ofcourse they
>tend to just have the floppies themselves  and not the box and label found
>in retail packaging.
>I found a decent deal on Mac formatted 1.44 floppies earlier this year on
>ebay, and they seem to be reliable so far.

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