Don Maslin SW collection?

Doc Shipley doc at
Tue Nov 8 16:35:40 CST 2005

John Allain wrote:
> I think the issue is when not what.
>>From the standpoint of the owners (his wife), nothing was 
> supposed to happen.   It's a careful waiting game that unfortunately
> I cannot help because I neither live there anymore nor do I have their
> contact number.  A year and two months by... it would be a good time 
> for her & our mutual friends to try contacting again.
> John A.
> (hint: supply number, and I'll try calling)

   Do you guys actually read CC?

   Tom Peters just last week posted a list of hardware and disks being 
offered by his widow, as a start to putting his collection back in the 
hands of collectors.

   IIRC, Tom took responsibility for handling he situation nearly a year 
ago, and said then that a barrage of questions/offers/requests to the 
family would be counter-productive.  It seems to me that with his 
strategy beginning to bear fruit, interfering now would be even more 

   My $0.02, and my own recollection of events.  I'm willing to be 


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