Don Maslin SW collection?

Joe R. rigdonj at
Tue Nov 8 19:29:07 CST 2005

At 05:35 PM 11/8/05 -0500, you wrote:
>John Allain wrote:
>> I think the issue is when not what.
>>>From the standpoint of the owners (his wife), nothing was 
>> supposed to happen.   It's a careful waiting game that unfortunately
>> I cannot help because I neither live there anymore nor do I have their
>> contact number.  A year and two months by... it would be a good time 
>> for her & our mutual friends to try contacting again.
>> John A.
>> (hint: supply number, and I'll try calling)
>   Do you guys actually read CC?

   Yes I do. Do you?  The collection that he offered came from someone in
Wisconsin not California. The original owner ("Don S") was the founder of
some computer club and not Don Maslin.

  Here's the description:

"With the sad passing of Don S last year, one of the founders of the 
Wisconsin Computer Society in the 70's, his window finds she must finally 
begin the process of disposing of a basement full of stuff. Don was a 
life-long experimenter and user of computing equipment which has mostly 
found its way into the classification of "classic." Don and I 
used/programmed DEC PDP-11 and Altos CP/M and MP/M machines together at 
more than one job."


>   Tom Peters just last week posted a list of hardware and disks being 
>offered by his widow, as a start to putting his collection back in the 
>hands of collectors.
>   IIRC, Tom took responsibility for handling he situation nearly a year 
>ago, and said then that a barrage of questions/offers/requests to the 
>family would be counter-productive.  It seems to me that with his 
>strategy beginning to bear fruit, interfering now would be even more 
>   My $0.02, and my own recollection of events.  I'm willing to be 
>	Doc

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