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Wed Nov 9 14:42:21 CST 2005

>>> I'll be at VCFE this year

You mean next year.  :) 

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Fred Cisin wrote:
>>>>>>Well, our well known friend Sallam Ismail does the main VCF
>>>>>Surely that's his lesser-known brother, Sellam? ;-)
>>>Actually, isn't the preferred Arabic spelling Salaam?
> No, those are NOT the letters that are used in the Arabic spelling.
> But that may, indeed, be the canonical anglicization, or English 
> transliteration.

That is, of course, what I meant.  As my own name is a transliteration from
Sanskrit to English.

>>Jup, that's another one. It seams to depend what area they're from.
> 6+ years ago, he spelled it differently:
> On Fri, 12 Feb 1999, Sam Ismail wrote:
>>straightforward.  The simulator simply steps through the code space 
>>you give it based on simulated clocking and executes the instructions 
>>as would the actual CPU.

I think that was him going by a nickname, no?

> However he wants to spell it, he does a hell of a job with VCF.
> I'm unhappy about missing it again this year.
> (may all college administrators get what they deserve)

I'll be at VCFE this year, I think.  I missed it last year, but I was at
VCFE 1.0.

Peace...  Sridhar

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