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Yes but I try not to knock them too much.  I love it when they put those
pin-configurable RJ45 to DB25 adapters on sale for $1.49 - they're
absolutely awesome for hooking up terminals and whatnot.

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RS's collection of IC's was always very strange.  Simple TTL, a little CMOS
and then some high-integration devices like the 76477.  Same for discretes.

Part of getting old is not remembering things.

Today I was looking for something (A Cipher 525 tape drive) that I bought
NOS years ago and left in its original box.  I thought I'd found it, opened
the box and discovered a Sinclair ZX80 with the "A Course in BASIC
Programming" book.  The problem is that I don't remember getting this
thing--I'm sure I didn't buy it.   Maybe Dave McGlone tossed it in when we
were swapping junk years ago. (P.S. I did find the Cipher and discovered
that I bought two of them).

I don't know if it works, since I don't know the polarity of the 9vdc
adapter.  Either way, is this just common trash or is this actually worth
something?.  My wife suggested that I throw it out; she figures that if I
didn't even know that I had it after all these years, that I certainly
don't need it now.


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