Strange request.

Brennan Mark Mark.Brennan at
Wed Nov 9 07:07:13 CST 2005


My name is Mark Brennan, I am a systems engineer with Fujitsu in Ireland and
I have a request I am looking for some help with.

My request is some what strange to say the least.

Since I joined Wang Computer in 1988 I have been collecting Product
Brochures on various computer systems it started of with Wang Vs server

For the last few years I have been trying to collect old
product/info/fact/marketing brochures on various computer systems with very
little luck, as in the future I hope to set-up a web site with details and
overviews of them. I have managed to collect some information on,
o/Cray/KSR/Ncube/ICL/Compaq etc,  I was wondering whether or not you may
have or know where I maybe able to get my hands on any old product
brochures/fact sheets etc  on any of the  HP systems/servers, I know that my
request is at best strange but any help would be great.

Anything that is sent to me I will copy and return the originals it people
still need them that is.



Regard and thanks again markb.




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