Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at
Thu Nov 10 08:33:46 CST 2005

der Mouse wrote:
>>Yep, Sun seemed to get it right and actually encourage individuals to
>>use their software and hardware.
> Or have I just managed to miss the documents in question every time
> I've gone looking?  I would *love* this to be the case....
> (Of course, this is not to say that SGI isn't worse than Sun.)

The latter sentence was more my point - I'm sure Sun could do a lot more 
too (after all, full schematics of all their older systems would sure be 
nice :)

But Sun do seem to have freely allowed people to dispose of their 
hardware rather than trying to take it all back and crushing it, and put 
some pretty useful info on their website, and made an effort to allow 
people to easily get hold of copies of their OS - quite different from 
SGI's approach.

Which is a pity when there used to be things like the SGI 'Antics and 
mayhem' web pages around - at one point it was obviously a very liberal 
company to work for...



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