Connecting a BC80M cable to a RLV12 controller

David Betz dbetz at
Thu Nov 10 15:50:10 CST 2005

I finally got a drive select plug for my RL01 drive and would like to  
try connecting it to my 11/73 but I find that the cable that is  
supposed to plug into the RLV12 controller isn't keyed so it can go  
in either way. How do I tell what the correct orientation is for this  
cable? I'm assuming that if I plug it in backwards I'll fry the  
controller and/or drive. The only markings on the end of the cable  
that connects to the controller are the manufacturers name "Berg" and  
the letters A and B near one end and VV and UU near the other end.  
How should this cable be inserted into the RLV12?

Also, assuming I get this straightened out, what should expect to  
happen on power up? Should the 11/73 automatically boot from the  
RL01? I  have an MXV11A boot board installed. Or do I get a console  
prompt and have to select the boot device on the console?


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