Connecting a BC80M cable to a RLV12 controller

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Thu Nov 10 16:01:58 CST 2005

On Thursday 10 November 2005 16:50, David Betz wrote:
> I finally got a drive select plug for my RL01 drive and would like to
> try connecting it to my 11/73 but I find that the cable that is
> supposed to plug into the RLV12 controller isn't keyed so it can go
> in either way. How do I tell what the correct orientation is for this
> cable? I'm assuming that if I plug it in backwards I'll fry the
> controller and/or drive. The only markings on the end of the cable
> that connects to the controller are the manufacturers name "Berg" and
> the letters A and B near one end and VV and UU near the other end.
> How should this cable be inserted into the RLV12?

"A" should be near the end of the connector labelled "1" or "A". :)

And, no, you're not going to fry anything if you hook the cable up 
backwards.  DEC generally did a good job of engineering things to be 
fault tolerant, unlike some other companies.  I've misconnected the 
cable to my RL02s a few different ways trying to get it going initially 
-- I don't have an authentic DEC cable, and didn't feel justified in 
spending much money on a cable to connect a drive that cost me $5 to a 
machine that cost me at most $20.  I eventually spent $10 on buying a 
terminator from a dealer, once I realized that I needed one, and 
decided that it wasn't worth my time to try and build one myself. :)

Yeah, I'm a cheap bastard.  That's why I have so much jun^W^Wmany 
machines.  I was careful, and asked the list about the chances of 
killing things first though.  It's always good to get confimation 
you're not doing something too stupid or dangerous first, from people 
that know what they're doing. :)

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