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Rumor has it that Scott Stevens may have mentioned these words:
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> > Why fool with the ones that enjoyed 5- and 6-digit production numbers?

Because they're still "kewl"? Maybe it's an early serial number, maybe it 
was the first one you owned, maybe it was owned by someone special, maybe 
you just like the way it looks... It's tough to rationalize collecting 
things to others who may not have similar ideals.

> > Reminds me of a co-worker a long time ago when the US Treasury decided to
> > change the penny to its current design.  He spent years collecting
> > Indian-head pennies by going to the bank and filtering change (then
> > re-rolling it and exchanging it).  He proudly told me one day that he had
> > over 100,000 of the things and was going to clean up in the coins market.

He might've if they were all in uncirculated (or at least 
almost-uncirculated) condition...

> > He never did--100,000 of anything isn't particularly rare

Depends on how many survived!

>Must have been a long, loooong time ago.  The US Treasury stopped making 
>Indian-head cents in 1909.  Or did you mean the 'change in design' that 
>happened in 1959 when the reverse was changed?  Or the design change in 
>1983 when the coins stopped being made of bronze (with an actual bullion 
>value near the worth of one cent) to bronze-plated zinc

Uh, you mean copper-plated zinc. ;-)

And in 1943, zinc-plated steel, and in 1944, brass, not bronze.


>  (uh, US Mint: places like Germany near the end of WWII were minting 
> their coins out of zinc.  Take a hint.)

Uh, and aluminium (France, the vichy issues), and many other metals as 
well. What hint is to be taken? As long as the cost of the material is less 
than the cost of the finished product & it's abundant, what's the beef?

>But other people float their boats the way they like, I guess.

Yup. I've looked thru a lot of rolls myself... ;-)


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