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Gooijen, Henk henk.gooijen at
Fri Nov 11 06:11:24 CST 2005

Allison wrote:

> >> On display I can have:
> >>
> >> 2) Homebrew pdp8/e running (slow) OS/8 or DMS
> Howbout a 6120 homebrew running OS8?  The trick was real DEC 
> style IO rather than PIEs and cruft that leads up to os78 and os278.

I don't have a 6120. The heart of my homebrew pdp8/e is a 6809!

> >> 3) PDP-11/03, a real one for a change :-) decoding HAM radio RTTY
> I've used the -11 for RTTY display.  You only need a modem to 
> decode the tones though having spilt screen, upper for 
> incomming and lower for outgoing  text.

That is exactly what I intend to write. Not too difficult, I will
document this project on my website.  I am combining the actual
*use* of a PDP-11 for something, learn to write PDP-11 assembler,
and program ESC sequences for a VT220. Not just simple "hello",
but a project with a goal.

> I'd like to see PSK31 software for the -11.

I have not looked into the details of all new digital transmission
modes that HAMs use (for example with MixW), but without any
knowledge, I wonder if a PDP-11 would be fast enough ...
any idea about that, Allison ?

- Henk, PA8PDP.

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