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Sat Nov 12 13:15:02 CST 2005

Vassilis Prevelakis wrote:

> Hello?? The label says its a *MICRO*VAX, and if its a uVAX, then its
> not a mini.  Also, calling the baby-sized uVAX a mini gives visitors
> who may have never seen a mini-computer the wrong idea as to what a
> mini-computer looks like. Sure I'll accept that its *compatible* with
> a VAX (I'll even ignore the minor business of emulating a small part
> of the instruction set :-), but is not a VAX.     

I'd not call the MicroVAX a mini, but it *is* a VAX. The 
architecture was subsetted to allow some latitude in
implementation, but user mode code did not need to
worry about that: the instructions still worked.

A VAX, is a VAX, is a VAX.



Antonio carlini
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