SAIC V2-LC computers, need hard drives

Patrick Jankowiak recycler at
Sat Nov 12 23:22:14 CST 2005

I've started working on my small pile of SAIC V2-LC computers, but run into 
some snags with the disk drives.

For those that do not know of them, these are OEM-for-military portable 
computers with a 386 or 486 processor. The hard disk is generally a Conner 
CP30204 IDE drive, enclosed in a special case. The drive is the same 
dimensions as the common IDE drive used in PCs today. The 3.5" form factor, 
and about 3/4" tall.

The Conner CP30204 has the following specs:

size = 212 MB
CYL = 683
Heads = 16
Sectors = 38
WP = 0
LZ = 683

One necessary feature of this kind of drive is a an additional small 3-pin 
connector for power, on the opposide end of the IDE connector from the 
usual PC-style 4-pin connector. I have seen this only on Conner drives. 
Might be on others, don't know.

Herein lies the issue..

Me needs more of these or similar drives (small sizes up to 500MB perhaps, 
(due to DOS or 486 limitations). They need to have the small 3-pin power 
connector, and that's the issue. I dug through all my 3.5' IDE drives, and 
found only one 120MB one, and it's kaput..

The computer looks like this, shown with the disk drive case in front of 
the machine and the 'ac adapter' to the left:

In any case, I am looking for either cased or naked drives. I have 6 
machines and two 'good' hard drives. If anyone has an IDE drive with the 
aforementioned small 3-pin connector, please let me know. I'm willing to 
take a shot.

-Also looking for 4 or 8 meg 30-pin simms for same.

I have managed to cram windows 95 onto one of these little beasts, and it 
is quite nice, even if slow.

Please! reply to my e-mail address, so i can be sure to receive any 
messages timely.

Thank you very kindly,

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