Information requested on Vector Graphics machine

Gil Carrick gilcarrick at
Sun Nov 13 21:42:54 CST 2005

We have a boatload of VG stuff from a long time ago reseller. Lots of docs
and probably some someftware. Unfortunately, we only have it checked in to
the museum & have not attacked it. Look on the back & see if you can find a
model number.

Most of their systems were S-100 bus and related and were used in normal
business applications. The attached device was most likely a floppy or
parallel printer. A graphics terminal is unlikely, I think. You can probably
tell more by looking for marks on the card it attaches to, the cable or the
connector. One of them appears to have some writing on it.


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> Greetings folks;
> So last night during the tornado watch in Iowa I was muddling 
> about in my basement with my wife (Seated listening to the 
> radio) and rediscovering the treasure trove of Good Stuff I 
> have stored down there.


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