removing parts from PCBs

Joe R. rigdonj at
Tue Nov 15 10:06:27 CST 2005

At 06:17 PM 11/14/05 +0000, Jules wrote:
>My only caution would be that gold/ceramic ICs tend to have markings 
>printed on with an ink that detergent will remove quite nicely (made 
>that mistake once when cleaning a PCB, won't be doing it again :) Other 
>components seem to survive such cleanings quite happily though.

   Speaking of gold/white ceramic ICs. I found a stash of NOS RCA 1801 CPUs
last week. Some of them were stored in that nasty black antistatic foam
that disintegrates with age and the ICs are now fused with the foam. I've
tried to pull a couple of them out and some of the legs broke off of them.
Does anyone know a way to dissolve the foam or anothe rway to get the ICs
out without damaging them?  Luckily many of the CPUs are still in their
original RCA packages so they're PRISTINE!


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