woodelf bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Tue Nov 15 13:53:24 CST 2005

Chuck Guzis wrote:

>So what's an 8008 chip worth?  I've got one that I don't need.  I'll
>entertain reasonable offers.
Well what does the buyer need it for?  Most people here want it blinking
lights not  collecting  dust.  In  1975 a candy bar was  about 15 cents, 
today it is
a $1.00    That is a about a 6:1 price change , so a $60 8008 could be up
to $360 for a fair market price today, how ever many people are use too 
-- it is outdated
so carry it away for $1.  Myself would not pay more than $100 considering
how easy it is possable to damage it.

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