DEC "Junk" rescued

Charles charlesmorris at
Tue Nov 15 18:04:48 CST 2005

Thanks to W. Donzelli's post, I just drove 4 hrs. (each way, 40-50
mph wind gusts!) to Little Rock AR and rescued the following

DEC 11-40(?) open rack with two huge fans, an RL02 drive complete
with pack, a PDP-11/03-L and a PDP-11/24.

Both 11's appear to be complete and fully populated with cards (I
know something about 8's but very little about 11's). Sadly, all
the interface cables were cut/discarded during the salvage :(

Anyhow I've got way too many projects already (including my
PDP-8/A and currently nonworking RL02). I will probably keep the
11/03 for a "someday" project.

Is anyone interested in the PDP-11/24? Make me an offer. I'll sell
it reasonably priced to a good home. I can take some pics
tomorrow. It's *really* heavy though so shipping might be
expensive (from zip 65775). If no one here wants it, I'll put it
on the bay, since the donor explicitly told me he wouldn't mind if
I did. He just wanted to get it out of his garage...


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