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>Subject: Re: 8008?
>   From: "Jim Kearney" <jim at jkearney.com>
>   Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 08:15:12 -0500
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>From: "Allison" <ajp166 at bellatlantic.net>
>> I have an 8008 and HDSP2132 (8 char version).  Wire wrap and a software
>> patch will have to do.
>Sounds like you're set, then!

It's in the queue after an 1802 and 8048 project.

>Yes.  The use of supporting components a bit newer than the CPU made this
>design possible.  I was able to avoid a bus because the load on the CPU data
>pins is much lower than the old banks of 1101's etc;  and having RAM and

Officially the bus load on the cpu is still high but past experience shows
it works. Intel would have you believe the bus drive of the chip is near 
zero.  Since I'd like to do IO I'll have to be aware of the bus load
as I go but I dont expect to have problems.  

FYI: The clock circuit you used is almost exactly the one I did back 
in '74.  Intel rep said "it might work but its out of spec.".  Compared 
to the 4 one shots they show it was a vast improvement and lower parts 
count.  I tried the oneshot deal and vowed never to go there again.


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