IBM 5155 Power supply schematics or info

Alberto Rubinelli - A2 Sistemi alberto at
Wed Nov 16 17:43:50 CST 2005

> I think that would be OK. While it's a bad idea to randomly make
> adjustments, you are not doing that. You have a fairly clear idea of
> what's going on, and what that trimmer adjusts.

As soon as I touched the trimmer, I discover the problem !! The cursor was
instable !!
The outputs voltages changes only posing the screwdriver on the trimmer.
Now, with a new trimmer (a good Beckman) the voltage in full adjustable in
the range.
I have tested this power supply with various load and the regulation on 5V
and 12V is good.

I'm writing a web page with all your notes, my experience, photo, schematic
and data sheets.

Thanks a lot !

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