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>ard at (Tony Duell) wrote:
>> > That is exactly why I did not buy the 3 ed.  Minux has been re-wrtten 
>> > from a 8088 to a 386+
>> > in the 3rd ed. 8 meg of ram min is needed, 16  recomended. I was buying 
>> BLETCH!!!
>> That means it wouldn't run on this PC (too little RAM), for all I am 
>> running an old version of linux with no problems.
>> The reason I bought Minix in the beginning was that it would run on my 
>> PC/XT machine (the only PC I had at the time). And I learnt a fair bit 
>> about OSes and enough C to be dangerous by playing about with it.
>> 8MB and a 386 is not a small machine!
>It is small for any 'modern' version of Linux.  Most 'distros' now are being built with compile options that don't even allow it to run on a regular 386.  There isn't the same problem for Net or OpenBSD.  Probably one of the reasons I like the BSDs more than Linux:  the fact that they support as 'equal' all those old architectures 'keeps them honest' and keeps the install system from by default installing a horrendous amount of bloat.  I have the same basic compliment of binaries, built from the same source tree, on a little old Sparc IPX and on a Pentium III system.
>Early versions of Linux are reaching the age where they are 'technically' on topic here.

FYI: third edition is actually a very recent release maybe a few months old.
Since it's on line and all older version ar still available and the license is
far more relaxed than before.


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