Cheapest PCI prototyping?

Brad Parker brad at
Thu Nov 17 19:47:09 CST 2005

"Chuck Guzis" wrote:
>On 11/17/2005 at 5:25 PM e.stiebler wrote:
>>Then get the old memec/insight PCI eval board (spartan xc2s200?). Should 
>>do the job just fine.
>...and there's the rub.  I might be better off simply putting together a
>dedicated non-PC controller and just spool the data over USB.  9 track
>tapes don't hold that much after all--and I'll be streaming pretty much
>from BOT to EOT on both read and write. 

I'm confused (sorry).  Are you trying to build a PCI board with a Pertec

I would think it would be easier to find a small qbus-11, put an 11/73
cpu in it with a built in ethernet and run 2.11bsd.  You can image the
tapes and rcp the images to a linux box.  pertec interface qbus boards
are not hard to find.

but then again, it would be fun to make a pci board with a pertec
interface... :-)


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