wanted stuph (mostly Big Blue)

Chris M chrism3667 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 17 10:49:36 CST 2005

IBM 3196 terminal, preferably color, similarly #'ed
models might be...similar, not sure. Might consider
one of *those*

IBM DisplayWriter

IBM 5520

IBM 5120

IBM System 23/Datamaster 

IBM RT stuph

Mindset computer, Canon AS-100, Atari PC2, Victor
9000, Zenith Z-100/120, Atari ST series units and
parts, maybe an Atari 130XE. Kind of have a hankering
for an Amiga 2000 or later *box*. 

Located in NJ, or PA, or LI, depends on the day of the
week. Could possibly trade some groovy stuph. Pickups

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