Chris M chrism3667 at
Thu Nov 17 17:23:48 CST 2005

> You might be right. The first 'minix book' I bought
> was certainly red, 
> and came with no mefia. The source code to much of
> the OS (kernel, 
> drivers, etc) was printed in the book.

 Well I should hope it came w/no mafia. O mefia. Well
I wouldn't want a book that came with that
either...whatever it is. LOL LOL
> I bought a MInix installation kit seperately. It
> came in a 'software 
> size' 3 rignt binder with a lot of 5.25" 360K
> floppies inside. And the 
> manual pages for the standard programs, etc. IIRC
> that kit cost me 
> somewhat over \pounds 140.00 (back in about 1992).
> -tony

 It very well could have been printed in different
colors. A red one...hmmm. Possible collectible? Mine
is yellow, and in pristine condition save for the
blanking razor slit on the spine. Didn't see any first
editions on Amazon, but the 2nd (white) wasn't exactly
cheap. Mine was a buck on Epay ;)

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