Shipping between US and Canada

Tim Shoppa shoppa_classiccmp at
Sat Nov 19 11:18:53 CST 2005

Allison <ajp166 at> wrote:

> Anyone with expereince shipping USA to Canada?
> I'm talking small stuff, some eproms or manuals maybe a board.
> around the USA I'd just pack a box and off to the post office.
> Suggestions?
> Allison

Shipping to Canada: always use USPS.  If the declared value is small
(don't know what the limit is today, $15 or $20?) then it goes through
with no import duties (but possibly GST/PST).

If you dare ship it UPS, the receiver will be stuck with a $30-$40
"brokerage charge" even if there are zero import duties.

UPS and the brokerage charge are not necessarily all that bad if
it is truly a commercial shipment and the value is large enough
that the $40 brokerage charge is in the noise.  It's a crying shame
when a supplier sends a free catalog to Canada via UPS and the
recipient ends up paying $40 in brokerage fees!


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