WTD: Fuse PROM programming specs / datasheets

Philip Pemberton philpem at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Nov 19 11:41:36 CST 2005

  Does anyone happen to have copies of any of the following documents?
- Generic I Programming Specification          (Signetics)
- Generic II Programming Specification         (Signetics)
- Programming spec for the 74S*** fuse PROMs   (National Semiconductor)
- Programming spec for the 6*** series PROMs   (MMI / Monolithic Memories)
- Programming spec for the 27S*** series PROMs (AMD)  
- 76** series programming spec                 (Harris)
   - also datasheets (or at least pinouts) for 74S, 6***, 76** and 27S PROMs

I'm trying to build a PROM reader/programmer, and I'd like to make it as
versatile as possible. At the very least, I want to program 82S129s with it,
but programming them is rather difficult without the specs for the

I've already got the Generic I spec, but my copy is incomplete - it covers
82S129s and I suspect it was probably included in one of the Signetics
databooks at one time. Of course, not having access to any databooks older
than 1997 makes it a little difficult to track the info down...

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