Shipping between US and Canada

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Sat Nov 19 12:52:38 CST 2005

From: "Dan Cohoe" <dancohoe at>
> I've not experienced the loss of packages that others are referring to by
> Canada Post and generally try to have epay sellers send stuff by USPS,
> though most will not, apparently because of the lack of tracking through

The way it was explained to me (bear in mind that this is at least 
third-hand information that I have no easy way to confirm), is that 
Canada's system for re-delivering mail that fails on the first attempt
(which is a lot of mail here in the USA, too), is different.  That 
somehow the path there is relatively short between "this came back 
to the post office" and "let's sell this on our eBay site".  My wife 
buys and sells dolls from and to Canada, and apparently her colleagues 
go to check Canada Post's ebay auctions when their dolls don't get 
delivered.  And have actually found them there.  (They are reportedly 
really good about pulling the auction if the rightful claimant comes 

There's also a tactic where the shipper includes hir name, address, and 
phone number in the package, so that when they open it, they have another 
chance of being contacted to fix the problem.



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