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>Subject: Re: Minix
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>   Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2005 23:10:36 +1100
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>On 18/11/2005, at 2:31 AM, woodelf wrote:
>> Allison wrote:
>>> Minix on PDP11, Not that I know of.  It would be interesting.
>> Well  I think Minix #1,  would be easy to port, but why? You got  
>> real unix.
>Because you can :-)


>Don't forget XINU which was designed to run on PDP-11s.
>> It just proves how effective code on the 11 could be. Too bad you  
>> can't buy
>> a pdp-11 cpu chip for $2.49 like a 8088. I take it is still rather  
>> pricy to put together
>> a basic 11. Any body know how much?
>I haven't looked, but I would have thought that you could buy  
>something like a PDP-11/03 for not a lot of money (assuming that the  
>11/03 is what I think it is - small Qbus system, yes?)
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Yes, there is also 11/2 and 11/23 than usualy can be found cheap.
At the single board level there is the 11/21 falcon card.
If one wishes to build from chip level defunct VT240/241, HSC50,
RQDXn controllers and a few other DEC bits can supply a T-11 chip
(base PDP11 on a chip).


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