Shipping between US and Canada

Jeff Walther trag at
Sun Nov 20 20:14:12 CST 2005

>Allison wrote:
>>  Anyone with expereince shipping USA to Canada?
>>  I'm talking small stuff, some eproms or manuals maybe a board.
>>  around the USA I'd just pack a box and off to the post office.
>>  Suggestions?
>>  Allison

If the item(s) are under 1 or 2 pounds, then Air Letter Post is the 
way to go.  But you can use the post office's on-line postage 
calculator to find the best method for you.  Just go to 
and choose "Calculate Postage" from the bar near the top of the page.

Fill in US Post Office form 2976 which is the USPS Customs 
Declaration.  It's a self adhesive form with a green part that stays 
on the package and a white part that is torn off by the shipping post 

I keep a few on hand for when I need to mail stuff to Canada.

Two ounces or less (a few EPROMs) is $.85, IIRC and they claim 4 - 7 
days for delivery.

Jeff Walther

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