Acorn Econet Fileserver

Tony Duell ard at
Mon Nov 21 14:09:29 CST 2005

> > There will be some limit, but I'm not sure what it is.  More than 20MB,
> > for sure.  Might be 500MB, maybe less.  I know that stacking filestores
> > use the same code, and I know that although the largest ones sold and
> > supported by Acorn were 60MB, they had bigger in-house.
> They didn't just stack them (as was intended by design)? Not practical for the 
> ST506 units I suppose is it'd only support two drives, but the SCSI ones I 
> think could be piled up to the limit of the SCSI bus - ie. 6 devices. 360MB 
> would not be at all bad for the time, considering the nature of the data which 
> tended to be stored on them.

As I understand it, the Filestore supported a total of 6 drives. Drive 
0-3 were Winchesters, Drives 4 and 5 were the 2 built-in floppies.

With an E01S (built-in host adapter) you could hang up to 4 SCSI drive 
units (E40, E60) off it. 

The E01 (seperate host adapter) officially supported only 1 E20 add-on 
(contrary to what some web pages state). It's clear you can't connect 
more than one E20, all the host adapters would respond to the same 
address on the '2MHz bus' But ti's not clear to me if you could hack an 
E20 to have more than one SCSI drive on the other side of the host adapter.

Since I don't have an E20, but do have a spare host adapter card, this is 
something to try.


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