Masscomp OS floppies / tape dump

Bill Pechter pechter at
Wed Nov 23 11:06:27 CST 2005

I wish I did.  I had a 5450 running RTU-3.5 and later 4.x (IIRC) back when I
worked for Concurrent Computer.

I wish I had the sources for it and Pyramid's OS/x... and the binaries and
the machines.

I'd love to see FreeBSD with a dual AT&T/SysV universe set up.
(or maybe BSD/Linux...)


On 11/23/05, Andy Piercy <andy.piercy at> wrote:
> All,
> Is there anyone on this alias who has access to Masscomp OS floppy
> disks for a 5400 series, including graphics and dat acc etc?
> Thanks.

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