Mouse Pissed! Need power supply help

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>Interesting, I was never aware that the 11/03 and 23 had different boxen
>than the 11/23plus, though I knew the power supplies were different.
>Speaking to my local DEC salvage dealer, he told me he used to get whole
>11/780s just for the power supplies in the front end 11/03s.  However,
>judging from the number of 23plus systems that were sold (and have recently
>hit, if not flooded, the used market)I'd say it should be fairly easy to
>find a cheap H7861 supply.

There were four major boxes used, and a few oddballs as well.

The majors were:
BA11-m with the H780 on the side. smaller cage.
BA11-N H786 in the front 
BA11-S H7861 in the front

A good PC power supply will do the DC needs of a modest system
but the signals BDCok, BPok, Bhalt, Bevent (ltc), Srun need 
to be created.


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>> On Nov 23 2005, 10:51, Charles wrote:
>> > I've found the reason why my PDP-11 power supply (H7861) is not
>> > putting out POK and DCOK signals.
>> [ ... ]
>> > Unfortunately the H780 schematic does not match closely (they use
>> > 74123's while this one uses 555's, for example) so it'll be hard
>> > to figure out the missing or unreadable parts anyway!
>> The H7861 is a reworked version of the H786 design, which is fairly
>> different from the H780.  The H786 is used in the BA11-N box commonly
>> used for PDP-11/03 and 11/23 systems, and the H7861 is used in the
>> BA11-S box commonly used for 11/23plus and 11/73S systems, so you
>> should be able to find the schemeatics amongst the BA11-{N,S} drawings.
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