Wed Nov 23 19:34:17 CST 2005

>>In a message dated 11/23/2005 7:15:58 PM Eastern Standard Time,  
>>tponsford at writes:
>>I just rescued a complete IBM  RT PC. It includes all the documentation. 
>>AIX 2.x software, extra  keyboards, extra cards, extra HDD;s and extra 
>>tape drives. It also  has an extra ESDI hard drive labeled Reno 4.3.

>>Was there a port  of 4.x BSD to the ROMP processor? I thought that it was 
>>tried but  not completed.

>>There is also a backup tape labeled  AOS?

>>The whole system looks like its in pretty good condition.  And maybe 
>>after consuming mass quantities of turkey tomorrow, I'll  see if it boots 


Sounds like mine. Mine also has AIX 2.2.1 on it. I have some RT diagnostic  
disks that might be copyable if anyone needs them. I think I have what's known  
as a megapel card but I dont have a free slot to put it in or a display to  
connect it to. 

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