480z system disk on ebayu

Jules Richardson julesrichardsonuk at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Oct 3 11:05:44 CDT 2005

Dan Williams wrote:
>>480Z machines are hard to find now, although there' a plastic-cased one
>>on E-bay at the momnet, I think. The older metal-cased version (black
>>painted, like a 380Z keyboard) is, I am told. rarer.
> I missed that, but thanks for the hint. I am now the proud of owner of
> a 480z with colour monitor and floppy drive.
> There is a nimbus for sale as well, which says it comes with quite a
> lot of software on 5.25". I'm guessing this is either 480z or 380z. Is
> anyone on here bidding on it ?
> I think I'll try and get it for those disks.

Looking at what's listed, I don't think there's anything on those disks 
that isn't already out there, possibly with the exception of BCPL.

Oh, it's worth keeping an eye out for a Nimbus Domesday system by the 
way. They did exist, although I don't know of any survivors anywhere. 
Other than that there's nothing really special about the Nimbus 
hardware, it got boring after the 480Z days! (there's actually nothing 
special about the Domesday Nimbus, except nobody seems to remember what 
model of SCSI controller it needed)



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