"screen mold"

Joe R. rigdonj at cfl.rr.com
Tue Oct 4 21:38:40 CDT 2005

At 06:47 PM 10/4/05 +0100, you wrote:
>> Hello all,
>Are you the guy who's been asking for scheamtics over on hpmuseum.net?
>> I'm experiencing some monitors in the last time, mostly, but not only 
>> from HP, with the effect of some kind of small bubbles or shell-like 
>> failures in the flront part of the crt-tube. Somewhere I read the 
>> description of "screen mold".
>> Some of them seems to be stored at a lower temperature, more specific at 
>> changing temperatures, in a garage with temperatures somehow closely 
>> related to outside.
>> Does someone knows this effect, has an explanation of it's source (is it
>The CRT faceplate is made of 2 pieces of glass bonded together (I think 
>it's like a laminated car windscreen, the idea being to support the glass 
>if the CRT should implode). It would appear that whatever was used for 
>the bonding either grows mould (fungus-type-stuff) or chemically changes.
>At least one person 

   Loboyko Steve <sloboyko at yahoo.com>. He also posted a long message about
how to get the glass plates apart, clean them and reassemble the whole
thing. It should be in the archives.


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