8" floppy system needed to recover old game data

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>Subject: RE: 8" floppy system needed to recover old game data
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>> From: Nico de Jong
>> Sorry, Denmark....
>Ah, oops. And there is me always using the UK acronym... :)
>> He could use DHL, they are very reliable.
>> I dont think anyone is going to log a conversion system to 
>I'm afraid I am not very familiar with CPM systems. Could you please
>tell me why a conversion system is needed? Didn't they use similar FDC
>chips? I (perhaps naively) assumed it would be some sort of a
>NEC765-derived one and we could get a simple track-by-track dump...

No. the 765 was available for sale in late 1980, CP/M systems were 
3+ years old by then.  Even after that point the 765 was not the 
common part used for CP/M systems.  That a PCism.

CP/M systems were largely a common coperating system a that allowed
for diverse hardware by way of a BIOS that the user or manufacturer
could configure for that hardware.  There were many different disk
systems, formats and in the games space deliberate attempts to make 
the disks uncopyable by standard systems.

>While this is true, the problem we have is that although we have
>convinced the ex-developer to let us help them preserve this data, it
>will be very much harder to get them to go out of their way to get it
>done. This is the reason I was trying to get somebody local to them to
>help us do it, even though they do treasure it.

What you need is a CP/M familiar person here (actually close to the developer)
in the usa and the data once extracted can be shipped via the internet.
Systems that convert formats are common enough for people that actively 
collect and restore.

>> The only "local" one I can think of from the top of my head, 
>> is Sellam Ismail

IF its in San Fancisco hes' loads closer than me (3000 miles!).


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