KIM-1 repair advice wanted

Dwight K. Elvey dwight.elvey at
Thu Oct 6 20:25:25 CDT 2005

>From: ard at
>> fear it's more likely a 6530, and I assume they're unobtanium.  Has
>> anyone ever come up with a kludge to effectively use a 6532 (and are
>> they any easier to find?) with an EPROM?  Or anything else?
>My Commodore 8250LP disk drive has an official kludgeboard in what seems 
>to be a socket designed for an 6530. It contains a 6532, a ROM, and a 
>simple TTL chip ('04 or something like that).
>IIRC, though, the chip select levels of the 6530 were mask-programmable, 
>so this might not work in all cases. And I don't think I can get any 
>details of this to you by tomorrow anyway.

 I've seen this done for pinball machines. There are some
potential issues other than just mapping the ROM. Some of
the internal selects are also mask programmed ( usually different
than the 6530 ). As I recall, one can even invert the data
going to the port( a real pain to handle ). I think there
is a document on the web someplace on making this patch.
 Ahh, here it is. Look at:


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