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dont have one, but want one. I hope youll make disk
images available.
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<chenmel at> wrote:
> Does anybody else on the list have an MPX-16 system?
 I recently
> acquired one from a list member and am wondering how
many of these
> systems still exist.  I have a large (relatively)
collection of
> diskettes with mine.
> The MPX-16, for those not familiar with it, was
published as a project
> in Steve Ciarcia's 'Circuit Cellar' column in Byte
magazine.  It was a
> three part 'construction' article and the machine
was sold by MicroMint
> for a time.  What I've heard is that about 500
machines in total were
> produced.
> It's an early 'IBM Compatible' in that they designed
it to be similar to
> the PC, but only to a certain degree.  It uses a
serial console rather
> than keyboard/display adapter, and it runs CP/M-86
and supposedly MS-DOS
> though I don't have DOS diskettes for mine.  It has
ISA slots and a
> similar architecture to the IBM-PC, coming out of
that early era before
> there were PC clones from the likes of Compaq.
> I'm curious of how many other MPX-16 systems have
survived to today. 
> There isn't a lot about it online.  I can share what
information I have,
> as I have manuals and docs with my system.  I'm
interested in hearing
> from other people with this machine.
> Scott

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