OT for a sec: US wiring sources of info

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Fri Oct 7 16:18:04 CDT 2005

On 10/7/2005 at 8:30 PM Bjørn wrote:

>200A @ 110V makes for 22kVA per phase - what do you need all that power  

Line voltage in the US is now closer to 120 v phase-to-ground; my own house measures about 124 v. most of the time  So we're really talking about 24kVA per phase.  

Why all the power?  Well, first of all, I live in the Pacific Northwest, where most of the power comes from hydro sources and prices are fairly low.  I'm also situated outside of city limits and served by a NRECA rural electrical co-operative, so there's some government assistance with the infrastructure costs.

Cooking, heating and air-conditioning (via heat pump) is all electrical here.  I refuse to bring propane (from an outside tank) into my house because of safety concerns.  During the winter, our heating is supplemented with a wood-burning stove.

My home's hookup is somewhat different from the typical urban dweller's.  An above-ground 7200v 3-phase feeder line extends from the substation approximately 1/2 mile away and one phase of this is taken underground at the corner of my property.  Approximately 400 feet later, a pedestal-mounted circuit breaker (I believe the co-op calls them "reclosers") is located at the foot of my driveway.  The 7200v cable continues buried about 4' down along the remaining 200 feet of my driveway to a pedestal-mounted transformer in my front yard.  The 240v from the transformer then is routed underground and enters my home slightly below grade level and is connected to a conventional outside wall-mounted KWH meter. 


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