OT for a sec: US wiring sources of info

Charles H. Dickman chd_1 at nktelco.net
Fri Oct 7 18:54:21 CDT 2005

Hans Franke wrote:

>The one-way-plug feature was relevant before protective
>ground became standard and before it was routed thruout
>the house (instead of beeing tied to ground at each outlet).
>Nowadays, where a protective ground and a residual current breaker
>are standard (I assume) in every country, the difference is rather
In the US, 2 pin polarized plugs are quite common on small appliances 
and Ground Fault Circuit Interrupting breakers are only required in 
"wet" areas such as kitchen counters, bathrooms, basements, garages, or 
outdoors. Local codes may vary.

Getting a bit more OT, old computers aren't always GFCI compatible: try 
to plug a PDP-8/e into a GFCI and you trip it. The power line noise 
filter consists of a delta of bypass capacitors between the three power 
leads: L to N, L to G, and N to G.


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