TEAC FD-55GFR = Quad Density?

jim stephens james.w.stephens at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 23:51:09 CDT 2005

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> Actually, I am still slowly getting over my long painful struggle to get
> two floppy drives enabled on a Dell Optiplex system. There's support
> for a second floppy in the BIOS but it appears the hardware support is
> entirely missing. I had to just do away with the 3-1/2" disk to get a
> 5-1/4" disk installed in one of my (many, since I get them for < $5 all
> kitted out with Pentium III processors) beloved (!!??!!) Optiplex boxes.
> Was there THAT much savings in not including hardware support for two
> floppies, DELL? Why not patch settings for the second drive out of the
> BIOS so we don't pound our heads against the wall trying??
> I'm curious about the comment about second drive support missing. I
am curious why the addition of a proper multiheaded cable doesnt
fix this?

they actually dont drive the drive select in the cable?

Just curious

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